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Update: Denvier Insanity

Mayor Hickenlooper has, apparently, clarified his position vis-a-vis the "Merry Christmas" lights on the City and County building. From the 9News website:

"Over the past several days, it has become clear to me that there is strong community sentiment to maintain the "Merry Christmas" sign and I am glad to oblige.

Due credit to the mayor. He strikes me as a savvy enough politician to recognize that his position was untenable (not to mention goofy), and he responded to the outcry in time to save himself some pointless heartache. Nonetheless, let's all keep this in mind in the months to come, and keep a little closer eye on the good mayor.

Unfortunately, the Downtown Denver Partnership has failed to demonstrate the same sort of sensibility with regard to the Parade of Lights (by the way, is "Parade of Lights" skewed to the Jewish Festival of the same name--should I be offended?). From the same website:

The Partnership offered an apology Thursday to anyone offended by the decision. The parade organizers say they are saddened that an event that has brought the community together for the past 30 years is now one that is divisive.

We're sorry, they say, but we're not going to change. Instead, they're going to meet with the Pastor of Faith Bible Chapel next week to discuss changes for next year.

Of course, the Pastor still intends to be a part of this weekend's festivities--by marching the parade route one hour before the Parade to hand out hot chocolate and be "Merry." My suggestion, for all those who feel strongly about this but feel compelled to be a part of the event, is to get there one hour early, armed with your brightest "Merry Christmas" sign. Then, as the Parade proper does its thing, stand in the crowd holding up same sign (please, not in front of some poor little kid--we want them to enjoy) and make sure you don't spend any money in downtown. If the motivation for the Parade is to bring people downtown where they will, ostensibly, spend money, then the only things that will make a point are peaceful disobedience and frugality.

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