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It just occurred to me that I passed the one-year mark for maintaining this blog about two days ago.

Thank you, everybody who happens to chck in occassionally to see what's on my mind. I hope, in some tiny way, that I have added to the discourse, caused a few people to think a little, or given ammunition to those who share my viewpoint.

As for me, blogging has caused me to be better informed than I otherwise would be--because, let's face it, putting something in writing begs for a certain clarity of information that I might eschew if my conversations were just with me and my friends. It has also given me the opportunity to clarify my thoughts and improve my writing--doing it every day is like exercise for my brain.

But the best part of blogging is, by far, the new relationships I have formed with members of the Rocky Mountain Alliance and with readers who regularly contribute thoughts to my blog. I am truly appreciative of the opportunity to "spout off" and be "spouted" at in return.

And how, might you ask, am I going to celebrate my blogiverary? By trying to find a way off of blogger. It's been a great startup tool, but it's time to move on. Any thoughts? Keep in mind my skills (limited as they are) run to the creative, not the technical.

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