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Last Update on This Topic

Tonight was the Parade of Lights--at least, the first of the two nights.

Very conspicuous in the actual coverage of the event was the studious avoidance of mentioning any aspect of the controversy. There was no mentioning of the church groups which met along the parade route to pass out hot chocolate and sing Christmas carols. There was no mention of what the real nature of the "Two Spirit Society"--that is, that their role is to celebrate the "holiness" of gay and lesbian American Indians. No mention of the real purpose of the Chinese dragon dance--that is, to ward off evil spirits in the new year.

Nope. We were all one big, happy city tonight, according to 9News. There was also no mention of the controversy in the lead-in to the 10 pm news broadcast (I didn't sick around to see if it was a part of the body of the newscast). However, Channel 7 News (the local ABC affiliate)did cover the counter-parade extensively, and even interviewed a few parade onlookers who agreed that the religious-themed--scratch that. . .CHRISTIAN-themed floats had a place in the parade. So, kudos to Channel 7.

One final tidbit on this story. . .I thought I heard Dan Caplis talking today (I wasn't in the car very long) about he Parade of Lights seeking out the Two Spirit Society and inviting them to be a part of the parade. And on the website of the Society, they twice say "have been asked to participate in the Parade," though it is unclear who did the asking. Anybody want to venture a guess??

Wait, wait. . .what's that smell?? Ah, yes--the pungent, putrid odor of leftist hypocrisy.

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