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It Was Only A Matter Of Time

This story just sickens me. And yet, sadly, it really doesn't surprise me very much.

To the European left--the ones who have passed beyond "liberal" to merely "licentious"--the distance from killing a baby in the womb to killing a baby out of the womb could not seem like such a big journey. When you consider that part of the logic has always been the maintenance of the lifestyle of the mother, could it really have been very hard to conclude that the lifestyle of the mother would be irreparably affected by a child with special needs?

Keep this in mind when you talk to people from the American left about abortion. When they try to press the distinction that the child in womb is not viable, press them to define when, exactly, it would be viable. My daughters both breathed on their own at 2 days. . .5 days. . .three weeks. . . but beyond that, they had no ability to seek their own shelter, to feed themselves, or to do any of the other crucial tasks necessary for survival. So at what point did they become "viable?" And at what point did some arbitrary third party imbue upon them official status as "person?" For myself, the moment I knew my wife was pregnant, they were both "the baby"--never, not once, not ever, "the fetus."

If the growing fetus is meaningless, then a full-grown fetus is meaningless; if a full-grown fetus that has only been partially delivered is worth less than another person, then there's no logical explanation for a fully-delivered fetus being more valuable; extend that line of thought, and there is no end of the loop of logic that would justify the taking of any life at any time. Unless, of course, they committed a crime, which would grant them protected status as a "victim of society."

So Holland is just a little ahead of the American left. Yippee for them.

God Help Us All.

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