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The Folly of The Entitlement Society

Let's try an experiment. Right now, I get paid every month by my employer; in exchange I do a specific job with specific expectations for performance and comportment. Let's say my employer does something I disagree with--frankly, not a big leap of imagination--and so I stop doing whatever it is that compels my employer to write me a check every month.

So let's see how far I get making the argument that I should continue to get a paycheck.

Unless, of course, I could get my complaint heard by the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, which ruled that colleges could ban USArmy recruiters from visiting their campus, but still recieve funds from the federal government. This decision struck down the Solomon Amendment, which empowered the Feds to withhold federal monies from colleges that blocked recruiters.

In other words, from the perspective of the college, "Screw You. But gimme."

Seriously. I want to not do a thing to earn money, but to continue to recieve a paycheck. In what way is this any different? Since when did federal monies to private institutions become an entitlement?

And, for Pete's Sake, what can we do to put an end to this entitlement mentality? I understand that most individuals don't share that mentality, but any time someone gets tied to a group they stop thinking and ride the herd.


And, as for the Third Circuit. . . I haven't read the decision yet, so I don't know exactly what it says. But how much do you want to bet that "Free Speech" is an issue? So tell me, what is the government doing to limit speech? Not rewarding something is a very different thing than imposing infringements.

But I guess that thinking is anachronistic.

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