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Education Agenda

I happen to be on the mailing list of my State Senator, Sue Windels, who will be the chairperson of the Senate Education Committee this time around. This week's missive includes these tidbits:

My five bill titles have been submitted. Four of them deal with education issues. The fifth concerns penalties for failure to reveal a positive HIV status. My education bills are efforts to refine, correct, and make fair and logical our state's current public policy in some of the major education areas. The four areas, each with a bill title, are: (1) School Accountability (making one report rather than the three conflicting reports we currently have with the School Report Card, No Child Left Behind and Accreditation) -- (2) Charter Schools -- (3) Online Education Accountability --- and (4) Higher Education's Voucher Program passed last session. I will write more about each of these in subsequent messages.

Keep a close eye on this space. I don't particularly have a position on a couple of these, but that #2 could be a big issue. With the recent attacks on Charter Schools through the NAEP and teachers' unions, I suspect that this bill will be one that reins in some of the autonomy (and thus, effectiveness) of charter schools.

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