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Beyond Comprehension

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia — Desperate refugees foraged for coconuts or looted food on battered Sumatra island Tuesday, as the number killed in a mammoth earthquake and tsunami (search) soared above 55,000 and tens of thousands still were missing. Grieving survivors buried their dead by hand, trying to ward off an epidemic that the U.N. health agency warned could double the toll yet again.

I have no capacity to get my arms around the staggering cost of human life in this tragedy. The possibility that the number may double due to disease is daunting.

And so I pray for the people, the governments, and the relief workers on whose courage and strength thousands more lives will turn.

I also thank God to be living in America. Not to diminish the scope of the disaster, or to undervalue the power of Nature, but had such an event happened in America, we might only be talking about hundreds dead. Just another byproduct of living in this country.

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