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Violence and Elections

Bob and Clay have posted today on the rash of violence sweeping the country--targeted at GOP campaigns and workers. I'll add to their thoughts using the opposition's own arguments:

If you use the prevailing Democratic definition of "violence," a whole new range of offenses fall in this area, as well. For instance, wouldn't violence (like hacking into little pieces) against a sign be indicative of "hate" and "opression"? Not to mention the painting of swastikas on signs--imagine that that sign was hanging from the fence of a Jewish Holocaust survivor. Wouldn't that be psychological violence?
Of course the ACLU would think so, as would Jesse Jackson. The fact the the ends (Dem victory) are aided by the means (violence) justifies the latter, in their mind.

As with all things political, the Democrats, with few exceptions, have become the party of situational ethics. Not the kind of leadership you want with OBL still out there.

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