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Unfortunate Early Signs

Remember back in 2002 when the Dems lost the Senate? If memory serves, their explanation was that a) they didn't have a mouthpiece nearly as effective as conservative talk radio, and b) they had actually been TOO cooperative with the President. So their response was AirAmerica. . . I'm just waiting for the laughter to die down. . . and the policy of obstructionism in the Senate.

And this time, they lost even worse. In fact, significantly worse (by the way, if you want to have a nice moment of irony, go see some number crunching my brother did).

So one might expect a voice of reason to emerge encouraging the party to re-evaluate its message and its values.

But no. The early indictments (gleaned from tolerable exposure to AirAmerica) are of touch-screen voting machines (they stole it!) in Ohio, and those darn religious people in the red states.

At some point it's going to dawn on somebody that the Democrats message just does not resonate in the vast majority of America. It would be good for the party--and for the country--to elevate a voice of reason--a Lieberman or a Bayh--to a prominent leadership position.

Yep. I'm holding my breath, too.

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