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Thomas Sowell On The Media and Terrorism

Sowell takes his typically incisive intellectual knife right to the media and their fawning coverage of the "insurgency" in Iraq. Chris Matthews gets singled out for ridicule, after his laughable performance Tuesday night covering the mosque shooting by a Marine. Sowell dissects it thus:

Assuming that somehow you are certain that an enemy is unarmed, perhaps because you have already searched him or disarmed him, is it ever justified to kill him anyway? That question was answered more than half a century ago, when German troops wearing American uniforms and speaking English infiltrated American lines during the Battle of the Bulge.

Those German troops, when captured, were lined up against a wall and shot dead. And nobody wrung his hands about it.

The rules of war, the Geneva Convention, do not protect soldiers who are not wearing their own country's uniforms. To get the protection of rules, you have to play by the rules.

I, for one, will be outraged if the military does anything more to this Marine than to say "don't do that kind of thing when there's a camera in the room any more." No civilian, especially one as pampered as Matthews, can comprehend the sort of incessant pressure on the troops going door-to-door in Fallujah--that this sort of thing happens doesn't trouble me for a moment. What would trouble me is a soldier hesitating, allowing one of these monsters time to pull the pin on a grenade, taking out several Americans.

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