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Short-term Plans

I expect to wrap up my analysis of the election in the next few days. I'm hoping that will include interviews with major players in the Colorado campaigns, but we'll have to wait and see what that looks like.

At any rate, sometime on Friday or early Saturday I expect to turn the computer off and not turn it on again for several days. Frankly, I'm an addict--I have had more fun in the last several weeks following the election and spouting off about it than doing anything I can remember in an awfully long time.

But my wife has turned into an "election widow." I need to shut the computer off and get my head back in balance for a little while.

However, I'll be back. And,no, I don't just say that as a threat. In point of fact, I mentioned a few days ago that I was hoping to use this platform for a new project, and I intend to follow through on that. I'm optimistic that this could turn in to something pretty substantial.

At any rate, I hope those of you out there who have been reading along have found my musings useful. I'm glad to have made many e-acquaintances over the last several months, and look forward moving ahead as a mouthpiece for the clear Republican Majority.

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