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Pat Myself On The Back

Yep, I called it: 51-48. Sure, I was a bit off on my electoral prediction--I had PRESIDENT Bush picking up Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan--but still a pretty good night. I'll gladly take a 286-252 margin.

I also speculated that +4 in the Senate was the most likely scenario, though I flipped the method--I suspected a Coors victory and a Vitter runoff. Nonetheless, I feel pretty darned good about that set of predictions.

In all, of the 20 races I wanted to watch closely, 16 came out the way I was expecting, though 3 of those were closer than I wanted. Not a perfect storm for the GOP. . .

but I'd say it was somewhere around an F3 or an F4.

As we watch the little Democrats scurry for the storm shelters.

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