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More Amusement at Kerry's Expense

In what I'm sure was intended to be genuine, Harold Meyerson provided me with a good chuckle over my lunch this morning.

John Kerry's career has had genuine high points -- his leadership of Vietnam vets against the war, his blowing the whistle on the Iran-contra and the Bank of Commerce and Credit International scandals, his battle against drilling for oil in Arctic wildlife areas -- but they are triumphs of opposition, of liberalism out of power thwarting abuses of power.

Let's just for a moment--a moment--assume that these are actual, genuine accomplishments. Okay, go ahead and chuckle. But then look at them: his fraud of opportunistic military bashing, followed by 14 years of nothing, then a little whistle-blowing (which frankly, I don't remember his signature role in), followed by 14 more years of nothing, and then a pitched "battle" to save cold desert from development. This is his list of accomplishments?

And we didn't take him seriously as a candidate. . .

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