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Eating Our Young

I wrote a couple nights ago that I thought the Republicans had failed to properly counter the Dem 527s, and that's why we lost the state house. It turns out it wasn't just Dem 527s.

Schaffer lost a bid for the GOP U.S. Senate nomination last August to Pete Coors. But instead of then working to help elect the conservative Coors in November, the Schaffer-led Parents Alliance for Choice in Education trained its artillery on moderate Republican legislators like state Rep. Ramey Johnson in Jefferson County.

As Johnson was doggedly knocking on doors in her district, Schaffer's voucher lobby sent an "urgent" flyer to voters hammering the Republican candidate for "not listening to parents," bowing to "teacher's union bosses" and "refusing to put children first."
(from Bob Ewegen in today's Post/News)This also squares with something I'd been hearing lately from someone with close ties to the Ramey Johnson campaign.

Sometimes I wonder that Republicans ever win anything, with our penchant for internicene battles.

During the primaries, there was a heated discussion within the Alliance about the wisdom of siding with the more moderate-seeming but inexperienced Pete Coors over the proven political abilities but flame-thrower tendencies of Bob Schaffer.

Let's just say that I feel much better tonight about siding with Coors, even though he ultimately lost. If this is how Schaffer plays the game, I'm glad he wasn't the choice to represent us.

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