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Brace Yourselves

I'm about to use two phrases that have NEVER been put together in the history of political discourse.


Seriously, brace yourselves.

James Carville seems to be the new Democratic voice of reason.

The Washington Post reports:

"I'm not in denial. Reality hit me," Carville said. "We have to treat the disease, not the symptom," Carville said. "The purpose of a political party is to win elections, and we're not doing that."

Carville said that the party's concern about interest groups had resulted in "litanies, not a narrative."

Brit Hume carried his report further, reporting that Carville said "we have to accept that we are now an opposition party--and not a very effective one, at that."

Seriously, how bad have things gotten for the Dems that the only person on their side who has woken up to reality is Carville?

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