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The Big Picture

Operation Phantom Fury is underway to eliminate the "insurgent" element in Fallujah. Command Post is writing pretty frequent updates on the progress of the operation.

From my perspective--no military background, no tactical experience--it seems like this is a very smart operation so far. I like that there's a British net around the city waiting to destroy the enemy when he runs, and I like that the next nearest city (Ramadi) is also in the process of being . . . fumigated.

Does anybody, anywhere, actually think that the US Military did not learn enough from Mogadishu to eliminate these cowards and murderers in a final, complete way. . .

if they are allowed to?

It seems as if Allawi is onboard; now if we can just get Kofi Annan to shut up.

I suspect there will be a grand sort of Monty Python-esque progression: from "it's just a scratch" to "I'll bite your knees off" to "what you gonna do--bleed on me?" At some point, if they follow true to form, someone will throw up a white flag and agree to just disband and drift back into society. I hope we don't let them.

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