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When Men Stand Up For Something

I still have a hard time controlling my reactions to the phenomenally gifted Jake Plummer (of the Denver Broncos) when he makes phenomenally boneheaded decisions, like the one to lob the ball into the end zone on fourth down resulting in a 101-yard return by Julius Peppers--a defensive end.

But, I think after reading this story I will have a very difficult time criticizing him at any length for anything he ever does again. A line that leaps out at me:

After the Broncos' game with Carolina on Sunday, Plummer said: "I'm expecting to be fined. . . . I want to keep honoring Pat forever. . . . I wore the sticker; I felt it was the right thing to do."

And we're not just talking peanuts here; the league mandated fine (as threatened two weeks ago): $30,000.

Somebody ought to sell #40 stickers at the stadium for $1 apiece and turn the money over to the Broncos to pay that fine.

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