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Vox Blogoli IV

Hugh Hewitt is having another symposium today, on the topic of "Why Vote for Bush, and What's Wrong With Kerry." The RMA is already represented by Joshua, Bob, and Clay, and Ben, as well as my brother, a Colorado expat. For me, the trick was getting this under the Hewitt-imposed limit of 250 words (though clearly he's not imposing it too strictly).

Below is my symposium submission, for you consideration:

I am voting for George W. Bush for President because of my priorities in life. And, more importantly, because his priorities in governance are in close alignment with my priorities in life.

First, and foremost, my number one priority is my Faith. On any number of occasions over the last several years, that Faith has been under attack in the secular world. From “One Nation, Under God,” to the Boy Scouts being thrown out of a city park in San Diego, to a student having a scholarship taken away from him because he chose to use it to study Divinity, this nation has been taking extraordinary steps to remove Faith from the public arena. George W. Bush has, and will continue to, appoint jurists to the court who will not be hostile to Faith in America.

My second priority is my family. I have no greater responsibility on earth than to guarantee the safety and well-being of my children. In these times, terrorism not only threatens the lives of all Americans, including my children; it also threatens to force Americans to live in constant fear, to look over their shoulders, and to view the world with a degree of mistrust ill-suited to this great nation. George W. Bush is the only candidate who has a realistic chance of ending this threat, because he is the only candidate who has a realistic view of the danger and the root causes thereof.

Everything else is window dressing.

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