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The Titanic

Hugh spent much of tonight's show ridiculing Sen. Kerry for the silly blunders he made on Thursday night, even while managing to score style points with the chattering class. The theme of the show is around the idea of the Titanic--a ship whose slow, inexorable demise looks, at first, to be not very bad.

What John Kerry managed to do last Thursday--if I may extend the metaphor--is to raise up one bulkhead in the lower decks. It may slow the sinking, but really isn't cause to celebrate--certainly not to the degree the Dems have been guilty of this weekend.

And that's just fine with me. What actually happened, and I think this is a very VERY good thing, is that we can now attack at the center of the opponent's mass. For months, the Kerry flip-flopping has been amusing, if unattractive in a candidate, and I think the Bush-Cheney team has exploited it for all it's worth. But now, Kerry has taken a very clear position, and it is simply dangerous.

Finally, we get to stop talking about the bizarre personality of the man, and get to slowly work at tearing down his ideology, which is built on th failed policies of the past, and stands up only on hope against all realities. This is the kind of debate that has the potential to have coattails and to spark a fundamental realignment of the electorate.

If, and only if, Rove et al. strike with overwhelming force at a time and a place of their choosing. Pop the popcorn, lads--this could be fun.

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