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Thoughts On Early Numbers

Hugh posted this story which contains this nugget:

Nine percent of "likely" voters in the ABC News tracking poll say they've voted for president, either by absentee ballot or early voting, a number that's jumped in the last week. Fifty-one percent say they went for George W. Bush, 47 percent for John Kerry.

Given the potential for election fraud and theft, that margin strikes me as not NEARLY wide enough. It's encouraging, make no mistake; but I hardly find it convincing.

I also have a feeling that Dems in Colorado are going to be among the late voters. They have two dogs in this fight: Kerry and 36. If it looks in the last few days like Kerry is going to win, they go into the polls and vote no on 36; if the other way, they vote yes.

Keep on working--gotta get out the vote and make this one an overwhelming win.

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