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Why I Am Voting For Bob Beauprez

All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives.

This duty of the House of Representatives is my first consideration when I consider my vote for Congress. I want to send somebody to represent me in the Congress who seems to understand that the money I earn is MY money, and that what I pay in taxes is still MY money, only earmarked for the government. Four years ago, Al Gore lost my vote because he talked a lot about the "government's money" and what he would do with all the extra money the people of the country sent to Washington. On the other hand, then-Governor Bush talked about putting that extra money back into the hands of the people who actually earned it--the taxpayers. I apply a similar calculus to my Congressional vote.

To vote for a Democrat, it would seem one must buy in to the fundamental liberal conceit that THEY know so much better than I do how to care for the people and causes that I believe in WITH MY MONEY. On the other hand, Republicans tend to trust that, given a little extra money, people will naturally act towards either their own self-interest in a way that creates revenue for other people, or that they will wisely apply the extra money in charitable ways that move the country forward. Not being one to let anybody else tell me what I should care about, much less how to put my money towards it, I tend to strongly favor Republicans in this regard.

Bob Beauprez has a track record of running a business, of creating jobs, and of being in touch with ordinary people. As a legislator, he also has a record of trying to create the conditions conducive to job growth and of trying to reduce the tax burden on the average citizen. His opponent's only record in this regard is one of a poorly managed county District Attorney's office, one which required an increased burden on the taxpayer. On the core issue, Bob Beauprez stands well above his opponent.

On the secondary issues, Bob Beauprez has amassed an impressive record of accomplishment for a rookie legislator, one that has served his district well. In addition, Bob has many personal qualities which recommend him well for this job, not the least of which is his reputation for integrity. I also just recently found out his college degree is in education, a factor which also goes in the plus column for me.

The next House of Representatives will have a clear Republican majority--strategic issues do not apply here. So it is even better to be able to cast a ballot for a man who really deserves two more years representing the 7th District.

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