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Symposium Topic, continued

Why I Am Voting For Jessica Corry (State Senate)

Several months back there was a bill pending in the State Senate regarding an end to all racial preferences in the state university system. At the time, I e-mailed a question to the current Senator from my district, Sue Windels, asking if she had discovered any real evidence--empirical evidence--that preferences in admission actually lead to an increase in graduations. Her first response was a head-fake towards real scientific inquiry--"that would be important to know"--but when the bill came to a vote on the floor she voted to kill it. When I again e-mailed her asking if she had uncovered evidence that preferences increased results, her response was that the testimony in committee was overwhelming in favor of preferences.

Now, I was actually at that committee meeting. The testimony offered was emotional grandstanding by the entire cast of usual suspects--Black Student Alliance, Hispanic Student Alliance, NAACP and the like--without a single shred of scientific, documented evidence. On the other hand, I am well aware that evidence out of California points to the end of preferences as actually having a positive impact on the overall college graduation rate for minorities (with a nod to the News' Linda Seebach). An incoherent defense of a vote cast for which there is contrary scientific evidence indicates to me a lack of intellectual honesty in a politician. Add to the fact that Sue Windels is a retired educator, and I am forced to wonder if she ever let this sort of intellectual befuddlement fly in her own classroom. Add to that her seeming inability to work with the majority to influence important education bills, and I do believe my current representation is lacking.

So when I had the opportunity to meet Jessica Corry earlier this year, it was refreshing to say the least. She is young, bright, and energetic, with a resume that belies her age. I am not thrilled by her apparent hostility to the public schools, but I am impressed with her ability to influence civic events (such as the imminent domain intrusion in Arvada earlier this year). On top of that, we saw in 2001 with the redistricting battle that Republican majorities matter, even at the state level. The State Senate is held by a very thin majority, and this race could be pivotal. Oh, yeah--and don't forget that Forward Colorado is taking some serious AND DECEPTIVE swings at Mrs. Corry; I also like to measure a person by the enemies that they make.

It is easy to picture Mrs. Corry making the leap in the future to higher offices, and I am happy to support her in this first foray into elected office.

Why I Am Voting For Bill Crane (State House)

Well, since I don't even know the name of his opponent, I sort of default into supporting Bill Crane. I think, on balance, Mr. Crane has done a fair job representing the district, though, again, his open hostility to public schools doesn't really sit well with me. He has a tendency to grandstand some issues, but I would rather have this seat in his hands than with somebody who would side with Ron Tupa and Andrew Romanoff.

Were his opponent a viable candidate, I would have to say that I would look seriously at him or her. Then I would ask them to put in writing for the press a condemnation and apology for the national party's attempt to disqualify military ballots in 2000--anything short of front page coverage would disqualify him or her from my vote.

I was serious a couple nights ago when I conveyed my bitterness about the Gore/Lieberman campaign. I just won't even seriously consider a Democrat unless a prominent one condemns 2000.

And, I know--not a ringing endorsement of Bill Crane, either.

But he'll still get my vote.

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