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Symposium, and ramblings

The Commish--Hugh Hewitt--is hoding an online symposium this weekend on the subject of John Kerry's Mary Cheney comment. RMAlliance members Joshua and Bob have made significant contributions to the symposium, as well as my brother. Well done, gents--proud to be affiliated!!

If you don't think the Kerry comments were out of line, you either have no standards of decency (in which case you're probably net reading this site, anyway) or you're a Anybody-but-Bush type. . .

who has got to be distraught over the sudden softening of John Kerry's poll numbers. In tracking (courtesy Real Clear Politics) polls, ABC/WaPo Bush +3, Rasmussen Bush +2, Zogby Bush +4, TIPP Bush +3; in snapshot polls Time Bush +1, Newsweek Bush +6. All of these show some movement in the direction of the President, and this after the third debate.

Think it's impossible to win the debates and lose the election? Remember the smartest kid in class? Always the best at everything but miserably unpopular? Yeah--that's John Kerry.

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