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One More. . .

to complete a busy night.

I've been waiting for the Archbishop to weigh in on the issue. Not because I've been waiting for instruction on the issue: I already agree with him. And not because I'm waiting for the opinion of a leader whom I respect and admire, even if I left the Catholic Church ten years ago.

No, this is important because this sort of thing will play heavily in important political spheres: the Colorado Senate, the Colorado Presidential vote, and as far as Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, all which have high Catholic populations.

So when the Archbishop of Denver says If you vote this way, are you cooperating in evil? referring to abortion and embryonic stem cell research, he makes the case that Catholics should always vote with these issues in mind.

It doesn't get laid out much clearer than that. And candidates who try to claim all the benefits of Catholicism--identification with the largest religious denomination in the country--while denying and even mocking its orthodoxy should be on notice.

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