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Local Chicanery

I am at ground zero of one of the more hotly contested State Senate races between Jessica Corry (R) and the incumbent, Sue Windels (D).

Earlier this week I got a nice, glossy, color flier from the Windels campaign. . .er, Forward Colorado. First thought was that it was silly that the front page of the ad featured a picture of school kids in a crowded corridor making faces--not the most impressive ad I've ever seen. I would guess most voters saw it, couldn't find the candidate's name on the front or back, and chucked it.

But I actually read it. And the first line of text on the inside was this: With all the recent teacher layoffs in Jefferson County, . . . Now, I've tought in Jefferson County schools for many years, and don't remember a single teacher layoff--certainly not recently.

But it shouldn't be a surprise that they would lie to create fear among soccer moms, should it. It just kinda seems unusually shameless.

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