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John Kerry's Nuisance

The blogosphere (and even FoxNews' Special Report) has been all over John Kerry for lamenting the days when terrorism was "just a nuisance" and likened it to prostitution and gambling. And so many others havewritten so lucidly on the matter that I have little to add.

But there's another story underneath: How in the world did Kerry's staff and a friendly New York Times reporter let that quote get into print? Surely, somebody recognized it as a colossal blunder. How does this get past the gate?

The answer is, and surely must be, that nobody in the room noticed it because THIS IS HOW THEY REALLY THINK. It's hard to recognize a screw-up when you agree with it (or him), and this fact is far more revelatory than anything he actually said: he believes this, his people believe this, that reporter and his editors at the Times believe this, and roughly 45% of the country believes this.

On a fundamental level, this is why we can never let our guard down and let this man or a majority from his party get elected: he/they either fails to or CHOOSES to misunderstand the nature of the world, and the threats it contains. And frankly, that outweighs any other consideration in this election by about 300%.

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