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If They Steal It, It Doesn't Have To Be Close

The Commissioner has written a book titled "If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat" which proposes that the only way to guarantee that the Democrats will not try to litigate their way to an election victory is to beat them soundly.

But given the evidence starting to creep out (neatly rounded up at Powerline and RealClearPolitics, among others, I'm beginning to wonder if the Dems are even going to bother waiting until after Novemeber 2nd. Mort Kondracke pointed out yesterday on The Beltway Boys that the Dems have filed 35 lawsuits around the country already, and that 21 of them had settled (23 after today)--all going against the Dems. But we learned a few years ago that that rarely slows them down--expect more suits, more ridiculous claims, and many more attempts at outright fraud (my favorite is the story out of Ohio of a county that has somewhere around 845,000 voters registered this year--for a county whose voting age population is only 842,000).

Seeing the direction of the polls, especially the Battleground Poll (which I tend to put a lot of weight in), I am feeling pretty good about where we stand nine days out. But I'm very worried about the reality of the fraud and intimidation that the other side has been rolling out.

And we don't even know what this year's version of the DUI story is.

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