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If It IS Close. . .

I think it were best if we started to prepare for the worst around here.

No, not a Kerry/Edwards victory; or even a Salazar victory.

I think we--meaning all honest, well-intentioned members of the electorate--need to be prepared for extensive efforts, both blatant and subtle, to steal the Colorado election.

First, violence and intimidation. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go read this post at Powerline.

Then, slight acts of lawbreaking. Some of the thievery and defacement of Bush/Cheney signs and others have been documented; is it really that big a stretch to imagine break-ins, mailer sabotage, and vandalism against property displaying GOP support?

Next, throw in a little simple voter fraud. For the Post take, see this; for great analysis, go read Joshua.

Beyond that, I look for pretty blatant efforts to overwhelm polling places and absentee voting with sheer numbers of questionable ballots, hoping to slip in a S.D. indian reservation-type victory in Colorado. That's why I sent in my request to be an election judge today--they may not need me, but if they do I want to be available.

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