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The Commercial I'd Really Like To See

[camera shot: John Kerry before the Senate in 1971] In the 1970s, John Kerry estimated that we would need to evacuate a few thousand people if we withdrew from Vietnam. We know now that hundreds of thousands were murdered and millions set adrift by America's withdrawal.

[camera shot: John Kerry during first failed Congressional run] In the 1970s, John Kerry said that American troops should never be deployed except under the supervision of the United Nations.

[camera shot: John Kerry after first becoming a Senator, perhaps with quote from Congressional record] In the 1980s, John Kerry opposed the development and deployment of new American defense technology--the same technology which led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. In fact, John Kerry once called Ronald Reagan a dangerous warmonger and argued that the United States should disarm itself in the face of the Soviet threat.

[camera shot: Slightly older John Kerry, still in the Senate] In the 1980s, John Kerry voted for the cancellation of dozens of weapons systems, all while Soviet troops still patrolled East Berlin.

[camera shot: John Kerry/Saddam Hussein fading in and out] In 1991, even though a coalition of allies which pass Kerry's "global test" was waiting, and the United Nations had agreed to it, John Kerry voted against the use of American forces to repel Saddam Hussein from his invasion of Kuwait.

[camera shot: John Kerry on Meet the Press circa 2003] In 2003, even though he himself described such an act as "foolish and irresponsible", John Kerry voted against appropriating the money needed to supply our troops with necessary body armor and ammunition.

[camera shot: last Thursday's debate] Now, John Kerry wants to GIVE nuclear fuel to Iran.

A man who has been wrong on every national security issue for thirty years now wants to give nuclear fuel to a regime that supports, trains, and commands terrorists throughout the middle east and the world.

Can America afford for John Kerry to be wrong even one more time?

Vote for George W. Bush on November 2nd.

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