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This must be the October Surprise. 380 tons of high explosives are missing from Iraq--compared to the 400,000 tons secured or destroyed. And this is what the Kerry camp is hanging its hat on.

Let's just think about this for a minute. 400,000 tons. That's in the vicinity of 8 billion pounds of explosives in this little country. Or roughly 325 pounds of explosive for every man, woman and child in the country (assuming the correct number of Iraqis is roughly 25 million). Anybody else think this is just a little over the top, even for Saddam? But no, this country was not a threat.

And then there's the 380 tons, somehow spirited out of its depository (according to the NYT) by looters. Yep, just wandered in, grabbed a few chunks of the stuff and wandered back out to Fallujah. CQ has a nice calculation of just how possible this is. I'll go a different route: If you accept that the number of insurgents, high end, is around 12,000, that means each of the insurgents managed to whisk away about 63 pounds of highly explosive materiel--without anybody noticing. Yep, every one of 'em, just wandered in, tucked 63 pounds of the stuff under their robes, and walked back out again.

OR. . .

The stuff was gone long before the US Army got anywhere near the site. Almost like how NBC News reported the story.

Maybe even, and I'm just speculating here, but no. . . .then again. . .Well, maybe Saddam shipped the stuff to Syria, the way Israeli intelligence reports it.

And if this stuff was anywhere near as explosive as it's supposed to be, why in the Hell didn't the IAEA destroy the stuff? And if this stuff is used as a catalyst in a nuclear detonation, why doesn't that constitute a WMD find?

Oh, never mind.

IF the President wins re-election, the next major thing--and perhaps a cause to which I will devote myself over the next four years--is to inform the broad electorate of the alternatives to the MSM, and of the public's ability to bring pressure to bear on the MSM stranglehold. I'd welcome thoughts from those more informed and savvy on this issue than I.

But, next week.

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