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Two Questions

It would appear now, to a degree almost unimaginable, that the documents about the President's service have been proven to be frauds. Tomorrow, assuming nobody else does this service (which I would imagine someone will), I'm going to go through all the CBS assertions, the evidence against those claims, and the CBS defense, in a concise form. The reason I'm waiting for tomorrow is that a) that gives it one more night to percolate and see if the new developments push the story forward--especially interesting will be the Sunday morning shows; and b) I'm kinda hoping someone does it before I do.

At any rate, the story brings up two very compelling questions for every lefty out there, which immediately follow the obvious question--"Who did this?"

1. If the Democrats--who claim to be the good guys, who argue that their problem is that they don't know how to "fight back" against the Republicans (for which we do have some new evidence)--perpetrated this fraud, is the best defense that they're incompetent or that they're morally bankrupt and capable of any sort of dirty trick? In either case, assuming that incompetence extends to governance, how does that make you feel about the people you support?

2. If CBS, the New York Times, The Boston Globe, The LA Times, and the rest of the mainstream media are so "unbiased," how did they get so fooled by this so transparent fraud? Again, are they incompetent, or biased? In either case, shouldn't the answer cause you to re-examine your opinion of the media (or do you prefer to wallow in the mud with them)?

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