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Okay, I'm going to renege on a pledge I made last night--I'm not going to give the Reader's Digest version of the CBS Memo Meltdown. I got a little distracted tonight by the Denver Broncos.

Thank God for the Fall and football.

Clinton who?

I think the Broncos got the better of the deal here. Champ Bailey more than did his part in shutting down Tony Gonzalez, got a pick, and was even an offensive threat--on that point, the Bailey for Portis trade seems to be a break-even. But when you factor in what QGriffin did, it turns out we got a cover corner for somebody we really didn't need, anyway. Advantage: Broncos.

Now if someone can get Jake Plummer to stop balancing his moments of brilliance with moments of stupidity, we'll be on our way.

Ever notice how sports fans are like wives? When things are going well, it's always the plural-possessive "we" or "us"; when things aren't so good, it's the detached "him" or "them." So for tonight, I'll be generous with the role fans play and say "we" are on "our" way.

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