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Quick Event Report

I was at the Arvada Harvest Festival Parade this morning. A few quick observations.

1. Jessica Corry (state Senate 20) has a very good grassroots organization going--her people seemed to be out in force, dwarfing the support group for her opponent.

2. Kerry/Edwards was out in force today, far outnumbering the visible supporters of the President.

3. The Dave Thomas organization was also out in force, appearing to outnumber Bob Beauprez supporters, though not by as much.

4. Neither Senate campaign appeared to have massive presence.

Now, I will admit shortcomings in my observations, and I would welcome contrary observations. Mostly, my observations were limited to what I could see from the vicinity of my two daughters and wife, all of whom were participants in the parade. Which is also why I, to my chagrin, was unable to be a visible supporter of my candidates or to sit at the GOP booth--family first.

Again, I welcome contrary observations. But based on what I saw today, the bigger candidates need to take some lessons from Jessica Corry about events organization.

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