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A Prediction

because we all know how good I am at this. . .

I think the President had better be prepared for a serious attack from John Kerry. The problem for John Kerry is that he's just so danged dour--even if he makes effective points, he's still going to be off-putting to the average person.

So, how should the President counter? First off, with humor. A joke or two, a witty zinger, anything that contrasts him to Icabod Crane over there. And after that, looking directly into the camera, telling the American people that he did what he thought was right, that he continues to view their protection as his number one priority, and that he's willing to make the tought decision and take responsibility for it.

I would hope at some point that he mentions all the positive news that's only leaking out of Iraq via the milblogs. And I would also hope that he mentions Saddam's $10 billion take from the oil-for-food, the records of bribes from that money, and all the energy Kerry has spent trying to break down our real alliances.
A quick nod towards Kerry's chief foreign policy advisor on her oh-so-successful negotiation with North Korea, a curt dismissal of the Kerry plan of giving Iran nuclear fuel, and a return to the high ground of purpose, clarity, and seriousness.

Oh, and, by the way, a quick point about how our chief foreign policy problem has become a major domestic economic problem--i.e. oil, and who we have to deal with to get it--and the Senator's role in preventing an Energy Bill from getting to the floor for a vote wouldn't hurt, either.

The President is famously disciplined in these sort of things, and John Kerry (as we saw with Dianne Sawyer this morning) can have a tendency to wander off the reservation a little bit. I expect that if the President can weather and even counter the first few salvos from Kerry, Kerry might just get a little flustered (turning orange-in-the-face) and do something Kerry-esque.

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