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Points of Logic

If, as John Kerry has claimed, the Iraq War is a distraction from the War on Terror, then --

--Why are the terrorists fighting so hard for Iraq? If Iraq wasn't important to the overall war on terror than why are they "pouring in" to the country to do battle with us there?

--Why is it a bad thing for the terrorists to be fighting us in Iraq? By my simple math, their kill-to-death ratio on 9/11 was about 150:1; in Iraq, that ratio has certainly been pulled down (by my guess, down to about 1 American killed for every 10 terrorists killed).

--Isn't the fact that they come to Iraq to fight an indication of a lack of other places to go? Driven out of Afghanistan, with Syria and Jordan under pressure and Iran under a microscope, is it possible that--as bad as it is--Iraq is just about the last refuge for these guys?

--Isn't this one of the first indicators of a successful military engagement? We've picked the battlefield; Iraq is surely a preferable field of battle for us to, say, the streets of New York and London. And, in all certainty, the terrorists would rather not fight us at all--they prefer shooting children in the back to open engagement.

Somebody should call the Dems on the lunacy of their rhetoric. Oh, wait. . . I guess that's what the pajamahadeen is here for (credit that name to Captain's Quarters (I think)).

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