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Other Races of Interest

Bob "Landslide" Beauprez is running what was supposed to be a hotly contested race for the 7th Congressional District. However, Ben reports today that the DCCC is cutting its ad buys for Beauprez's opponent, Dave Thomas, in half, a clear indication of lack of interest. . .er, "reshuffling of priorities."

Perhaps this was a catalyst of this change of heart, from the Saturday Rocky Mtn. News. The crucial lines:

Dave "In Denial" Thomas . . .says in today's Speakout that he "took no part in the preparation of the written press statement delivered by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office" regarding a draft affidavit for a warrant to search Eric Harris' home. He also assures the public he had nothing to do with "the delivery of that statement." We are relieved to know Thomas did not do two things no one has accused him of doing.

The News' conclusion: Perhaps Thomas was not party to the initial decision to keep the public ignorant of the existence of the draft affidavit, but he certainly was aware of that policy as practiced by the sheriff's office. And yet for reasons he is apparently reluctant to discuss, he chose to give the sheriff's office a free pass.

As I said before (with a slight pat on my own back--see post of 9-18)either he's a bad lawyer or he's a bad manager; either disqualifies him to be my Congressman.

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