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Late Impression

The overall MSM impression seems to be that Bush's style--in a very Gore-esque fashion--was too impertinent and slightly irritated. I think there's a vested interest on their part in making this back into a horse race, but I also think they may be right. I just don't think it changes things very much.

If the President is going to lose ground based on style, that would have happened many moons ago. We've all known forever that George W. Bush is not very polished at events such as this, so I find it difficult to believe that that is going to have much effect.

On the other hand, Kerry did seem pretty polished, and, yes, "presidential." On the other hand, he did manage to contradict and confuse, which plays into the image that he is a flopper. Will this move Kerry voters--hardly.

Overall, I stick by the idea that this really won't move things very much. I would imagine the overnights aren't too important.

On the other hand, what we learned in 2000, it's really whatever manages to make it onto the Today Show that survives the debate. So. . . two final items:

One: watch for stories about the rebound of John F Kerry; esp. watch the media spin about how Kerry was so strong in his weak suit.

Two: watch for MSM stories about how our allies in England and Poland don't feel at all slighted by John Kerry's rhetoric. This is in desparate hope of inocculating Kerry from the Bush/Cheney ad blasting Kerry for the "global test" comment.

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