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Impressions Of The Day

No, don't worry. . .I won't make you sit through my Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Stewart impressions. . .

So today the Swift Vets put out a new ad, Dick Cheney delivers a blistering assessment of John Kerry's suitability for President, and the campaign airs a new ad which mocks John Kerry on his windsurfing-like constancy. In the meantime, a whole slew of new polls came out, all of which show the President either holding pat against the last poll or increasing his lead.

John Kerry? A new ad whining about the hard-hitting new ad while trying to imply "quagmire", and footage (via FoxNews' Special Report) of the candidate doing his Charlie Rangle imitation before retired voters in Florida.

Another day which goes comfortably in the Bush column. You know it's bad for your chances when you become the subject of mockery. It's one thing to be attacked--it's entirely another to be made fun of.

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