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If the Dems Did This. . .

I got to thinkin' today: they can't actually be this bad, can they? I mean, really. The whole swift vets thing was starting to fade, having run its course, and people were coming back to the present, when somebody gets us going on the past again. And since this was so poorly done, it hasn't hurt the President, has done irreparable harm to CBS, and has kept John Kerry's message off the air for another five days. If this is the result of some party operative, they must be the dummest campaigner ever.

It's almost so bad I'm starting to suspect a rope-a-dope. And, no, that's not a pun on my opinion of John Kerry. It's just that, no matter what I think of Dems, I can usually recognize that they are capable opponents. But not this year.

I smell an ambush.

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