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Even Though It's Friday Night. . .

and nobody reads blogs on Friday night, I just saw something that demands a post.

THE REALLY STUPID IDEA--i.e. Amendment 36--was just the subject of a piece on FoxNews' "Special Report." The piece's central speaker was State Rep Ron Tupa (D-Boulder), who is also one of the primary legislative backers of this idiocy. On the right, Ted Hallaby did a nice job of portraying this idea as "cherry-picking" in a fairly reliable GOP state.

Add this story to the one in the Wall Street Journal on Sep 8, and today's editorial in the San Fransisco Chronicle, and it highlights the degree to which the nation has its eye on Colorado. And the fact that as disparate sources as the Journal and the Chronicle come out against this idea SHOULD make the point that this is a REALLY STUPID IDEA!

So, everybody take the opportunity, through town-hall meetings and "meet the candidates" forums, to try to pin down the candidates for local office on this issue. In fact, to arm yourself better, Tupa did put forward a bill two years ago to accomplish much the same thing--anybody who held office at that time has a track record on this issue (I will go searching for the legislative record on this, but the state's website seems to be down right now).

Consider: would both George W. Bush and John Kerry have made a trip to Colorado this week if the state was only worth one vote?

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