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A Diversion

So tonight I will go another direction.

I love fall. The colors, the crispness of the air, and football. I actually got to sit still for much of tonight and watch the CU-CSU game with friends. Very impressed with my alma mater for the first quarter, and then not impressed at all. It seems tradition continues--Barnett seems to be very capable at preparing his team, but they don't make adjustments well, and they almost always can be counted on to do stupid/undisciplined things that cost the team dearly. CU held on to win only thanks to a very questionable decision at the very end of the game.

I'm a CU fan; and, while I follow the successes and failures of CSU pretty closely, I don't exactly watch every play. But it seems to me that this may be the first time in many years--perhaps the whole Lubick era--that CSU lost a game because of a coaching decision. Run on second down with :30 on the clock? don't spike the ball for third down to confer? pitch the ball to an unheralded running back without escort? take the hands out of Justin Holland at all at the end of the game? don't play for the tie on the road?

Inexplicable. But it works in my team's favor, so . . . With this group, I'll take a win however they can get it.

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