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A Case Could Be Made

This piece in today's OpinionJournal strikes me as the best evidence yet that a new National Security Management Center should be installed as soon as possible.

If it is true--and I've heard it said enough times by enough different people to think that there's something to it--that the CIA is a strongly liberal organization, and that certain of its employees are willing to sidestep the oaths they took when they got their jobs in the interest of forwarding their political agendas, then the CIA has forfeited its credibility as a security agency.

What the President should do, since Congress has to be around for another week or so, is announce at the debate tomorrow night that he's going to ask for the Congress to act before recess on the creation of the NSMC, and that this agency should have the same sort of employment rules that the Homeland Security Department has, and that it should be in place sooner rather than later.

Remember how the Dems tried to quash the Homeland Security Dept in the Fall of '02? They wanted to make sure that the employees had all the same union protections as all the other agencies. Remember how the Dems surprisingly lost seats in the '02 elections? Remember how quickly they approved HSD upon their return in mid-November.

If the President announces such a move now, with the support of Tom Delay and Bill Frist, he can corner the Dems (including SEN Kerry) into either acting according to his wishes or obstructing. If they obstruct, they are likely to walk the same path they did two years ago. If they go along, the President sends out a forceful message to the bureaucrats at the CIA that their days are numbered--either do your jobs and cool it with the political back-biting, or pack your bags for a return to civilian life while your capable colleagues are preparing to move in to the new Agency.

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