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What We're Up Against--pt.2

This contains a video I saw on MSNBC this morning. In it, a Kerry supporter at a rally in Washington State turns around and cold-cocks a Bush supporter, without any apparent provocation. The video ends with the Kerry supporter being led away in cuffs.

Unfortunately, I am technologically handicapped at this site (or, for that matter, any site), so you have to dig a little to see the video. First, register with the station (free), then select the story about the Kerry rally, and then scroll down to find the video links--click on the one that says "Bush/Kerry Supporters Clash At Rally." It's really worth the short search.

But what this really points out is, as I titled, what we are up against. The Dems are SO convinced of and comfortable with the moral superiority of their goals that they will justify ANY means to get there--including the violent supression of opposition.

I guess they should change the bumper sticker to "Surrender Globally; Be As Violent As You Want To Locally."

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