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Swiftboat Thoughts

Okay, two thoughts tonight. . .

The controversy over the SBVT has now dominated the news for an entire week (though it's occupied the blogosphere for far longer), and I think it may have gone as far as it is likely to go. Kerry's credibility is now, rightly, in question, but there's so much "he said, he said" that a knockout punch seems rather unlikely.

But two very important things have come out of it. One: any momentum Kerry brought out of his convention has abruptly stalled out--dead in its tracks. And two: the country has had an opportunity to observe Kerry under duress, and frankly, it's not a pretty sight.

There has been speculation that Kerry himself put this issue into the mainstream media last Thursday by denouncing the ads. Then he's managed to keep stoking the fires with silly stunts like sending Max Cleland to Texas. I don't know how it would be possible for this to backfire against the President, so there's really no good reason for Kerry to keep this alive.

In other words, his personal pique and lack of discipline has put very damaging information about him into the mainstream, where it otherwise may have languished in the blogosphere.

So how would this man negotiate with Congress? With the U.N.? How about Israel? Isn't it indicative of a lack of Presidential temperament that he lacks even the rudimentary political skills to swallow his pride and let the issue die its own inevitable death?

A man who is this self-absorbed and borderline delusion has no business being this close to being President of the United States.

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