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Depending on if my wife is in the car with me, I occassionally end up listening to a station that plays music from the 80s--my generation. And while I share Jared's love of things from the 80s, I am sometimes ashamed. For instance, tonight I heard two songs from Rick Springfield (yep. . .sorry about that, art history) and "Rock Me, Amadeus", which I believe--and I'm no historian here--may be the first unfortunate example of rap music in the mainstream.

Why is Muqtada al Sadr still alive? I understand the strategy the first go-around, and it turns out to have been a whole lot smarter than what I wanted to do. But, seriously. . . each of the last five days the headline on my server has been some variation of "Renegade Cleric Agrees to Walk Away Whistling." How many times does this guy get to cuckold us before we blow him away? This stupid Charlie Brown/Lucy dynamic is what makes us lose the respect of the Arab world. To quote a favorite lefty of mine "They'll like us when we win!"

I've been pretty impressed with the Olympics. Especially in light of what I thought might happen (and not that it still mightn't). Especially the performance of our individual gymnasts, who showed both Perseverence and Indomitable Spirit in overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds to bring home unlike gold medals. Way to go, USA!

And, by the way, I really like the version of the Star-Spangled Banner that the team is using for gold-medal ceremonies. A little different than your standard brass band effect.

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