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Quick Hit

Just one quick thought tonight:

After seeing the FoxNews report about the anticipation of violence at the RNC next week, it occured to me that there are two possible outcomes. The first, and frankly, the one I expect the most, involves the media split-screening the events of the RNC with the shots of the protesters, and the coverage being dominated by the protests. This would, I expect, have the effect of blunting the message and severely restricting the bounce of the convention for the President.

The other possibility is that the protests will go so far over the line that the contrast between the class and dignity of the RNC and the crassness of the protests will remind the public of why this President and this party needs to remain in power. Call it the "Wellstone Memorial Bounce."

I will be curious to see which plays out.

Of course, there's a third and far worse possibility . . . That the hundreds of thousands of protesters will have the 36,000 member NYPD so preoccupied that somebody else has the opportunity or a little mischief. That's the nightmare scenario.

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