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Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

I got a call tonight from an old friend who lives out of state now.

For some reason, he was watching the mainstream news. This, of course, led him to the conclusion that the President will lose this election because the press is going to make it so darn hard for him to get the truth out.

And, to a point, he's right. But I think our side is a lot smarter about "alternative news sources", and, as the SBVT controversy proves, the alternative media can force astory into the limelight.

I also think, as I've said before, that the old models don't apply any more. Sure, I'm no expert, but I think in a post 9/11 world the way polls are conducted do not show the reality. What evidence do I have? Well, not much. The results of the 2002 cycle show me something, but I also have a fundamental faith in the intelligence of the American people, and I have hope. Like I said, not much.

And hope, as Tommy Franks would say, is not a very good strategy. That is why (coupled with previous post) I made a mental pledge today to give five hours a week (roughly the length of time of a round of golf) to working for Bush/Cheney, Beauprez, Coors, and the JeffCO GOP.

As the song says, "You hope, and I'll hurry; you pray, and I'll worry. . ." I don't know what I can do to help, but know I won't help if I'm sitting on my can.

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