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Getting My Goat, and What We're Up Against

There are very few things that get me riled up enough to call a "news" station, but I saw just such a thing yesterday.

Every day as I drive to and from work I travel along a significant arteriole that goes north-south through Arvada. Along the way are large stretches of fence--back fences of properties that back up to the street. These fences provide great opportunities for statements. And, accordingly, in recent months one stretch of the fence has been decorated with a "Beauprez" sign, and across the street another stretch has featured a "Dave Thomas" sign.

In all the time I've seen the two signs up, I've never seen any sort of defacing or even joking mismarking of the Dave Thomas sign. The Beauprez sign, on the other hand, has had on at least two occasions had "Kerry/Edwards" signs pasted to it. Okay. . .that, I guess, is what we should expect from the maturity level of our opposition.

But yesterday they crossed the line. Spray painted over the white portions of the Beauprez sign in black paint was a swastika.

Now, I'm not Jewish, and to the best of my knowledge no one in my family for several generations back has been Jewish, but I get offended at that symbol. That the Left would trivialize the horrors of the Holoaust by attaching the Nazi Party symbol to something as innocuous as a fence sign, thereby hinting that the party involved--Bob Beauprez--is akin to a regime that slaughtered six million men, women and children indicates an almost dangerous disregard for proportionality and history. And the blitheness with which this charge is leveled (how often have we heard members of the Bush Team compared to figures from the Third Reich?) indicates a willingness to distort reality that borders on sociopathic. If they'll go to these lengths of hyperbole to describe their opponents, they'd be capable of anything.

They might go so far as to invent a special dog, a covert mission across enemy lines, heroic exploits, terrible scars. . .

Oh, wait. . .

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