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Eight days until the Senate primary, and here's what the general public knows: Pete Coors and Ken Salazar are both just "aw. . .shucks" Colorado types who wear blue jeans and have lived in state their whole lives; Pete Coors' opponents (read: Bob Schaffer) are flame-throwers who have little fear of seeming bigoted; and there's this other guy, what's his name. . .Niles?

What do I base this assessment on? This is what's managed to make it to television in the form of ads. Is anybody really watching? That's harder to assess. Unfortunately, the debate on the GOP side is (to the public view) fairly one-sided, since Schaffer hasn't had much in the way of TV time yet. No matter how busy a campaign schedule you keep (see Ben on this one), you can't reach as many as you do with one ad buy. And since his supporters have only worked the "attack-dog" side of the game, Schaffer doesn't have the profile to match Coors at this point. For that matter, I was a JeffCO County and 7CD delegate, but I haven't gotten any mailings from the Schaffer campaign in several weeks.

I'm going to hold off filling out my absentee ballot for a few more days. I want to give Schaffer more time to demonstrate that he has the resources to compete. But if you forced me to vote today, I'd fill it out for Coors.

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