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Cheney Rally

I had the great honor of attending the Vice President's rally today at the JeffCo Fairgrounds. As far as I could tell, the place was packed, enthusiastic, and very well-mannered and informed. The Veep was perfectly punctual, which stands in stark contrast to his opponents, and delivered a serious, sobering assessment of America's security challenges and the efforts of this administration to meet those needs, as well as speaking to the state of the economy and the culture at this point. It was concise, well-delivered, and perfectly on pitch with what Republican partisans need to hear at this point. He hit all the main themes, articulated a vision, drew contrasts with the opposition, and made the case. All in all, very effective.

My favorite line of the day, one that should make it into every commercial and public appearance: The Democrats in Congress have blocked every attempt at reforming the civil lawsuit process, costing America millions of dollars every year in frivolous lawsuits. The American people understand that businesses have an easier time hiring people to work for them when they don't have to hire so many lawyers to defend themselves. I edited a little, but you get the gist.

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